Humid Conditions

Otto Schneider Mezzanine Floors can meet several requirements: Using our chipboards you can not only handle heavy live loads or high fire safety regulations, we also provide a solution for logistic centres which are confronted with humid conditions. Our Schneider WatertecFloor or our Schneider HygienicFloor can provide complete water-resistance for your flooring. Also, we can offer you our Schneider FireFloor Double Protect with an waterproof edge.

Even our standard products you can get in a version which is suitable for increased air humidity.





Top Side Granite

Top Side Plain-Grey

Top Side Stone

Top Side Uncoated

Top Side Transparent

Bottom Side White

Technical Properties


Load-bearing Capacity P5 and P7
Thickness 38 mm
Density from 660 to 750 kg/m3
Modulus of Elasticity EN 310 from 1700 to 2600 N/mm2
Bending Strength EN 310 from 10 to 16 N/mm2
Anti-slip Property DIN 51130 from R9 to R11
Humidity Class in spaces with increased air humidity
Emission Class EN 120 E1