Selecting suitable anti-slip properties

The issue of suitable anti-slip properties depends on the use for the flooring. For instance, if the floor has to stand up under heavy wheel loads from transportation equipment, use of flooring with a low level of anti-slip is recommended. The deep and rough structure of flooring with high anti-slip properties is much more difficult to clean. Please note that a high level of anti-slip can lead to a greater danger of tripping, and joints are much more subject to strain. We would be pleased to advise you in your selection and will offer you the proper anti-slip properties as well as mechanical properties best suited for your Workspace.

Examples for requirements for anti-slip classes in a variety of workspaces in accordance with DIN 51130: 2004 06

R9 General workspaces and workspaces (interior), expect sanitary rooms
R10 Warehouses for packaged foodstuffs
R11 Open-air warehousing areas
R12 Warehouses for greases and oils
R13 Manufacturing of edible fats, slaughtering, meat processing