Mezzanine Floors for Warehouse Technology

Our product range includes mezzanine floors for warehouse technology as well as shelves. From highly resilient chipboard, we are happy to create the ideal product for your logistics center. You can order our mezzanine floors with refractory, waterproof, slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant or dissipative properties. As a special service, we also create an individual installation plan and thus offer you waste-optimized solutions. We are happy to advise you individually on which product is suitable for your project. For more information about each product, click on the product name.


In addition to our chipboard, we also supply the appropriate wood or steel tongue to enable you to lay the chipboard properly. In addition, we create a complete installation plan for your mezzanine floor with which the assembly on site is not only resource-efficient but also time-saving. Each individual chipboard is given a code in the installation plan, so that the assembly team on the construction site does not have to waste a lot of time cutting the chipboard to size, but only has to assemble the precisely prefabricated elements.

Sustainable Building

Our products are also registered on the online construction product platform of the German Sustainable Building Council (DNGB). An overview of our listed products can be found here.

The DGNB Navigator combines the information offered by manufacturers with the demand of planners on one platform. It builds a bridge between construction products and the DGNB building certification system by providing the required building certification data. Thus, it acts as an important interface between the various actors in the planning and execution team on the one hand and product manufacturers on the other.