Good quality of passion

Quality derives from tradition

The company/corporation was founded in 1926 and is run by the owner already in third generation. Already for more than 80 years, the business revolves around customer satisfaction, and for over 40 years Otto Schneider has been one of the leading companies in warehouse technology, manufacturing mezzanine boards and shelf boards.

Our special manufacturing technology enables us to meet individual customer requirements. The melamine resin coating produced by our short cycle press, makes it possible for us to supply surfaces with special strength properties, anti-slip classifications, and abrasive quality. Furthermore, products with special fire resistance for spaces with higher humidity levels or anti-static properties are becoming increasingly relevant.

In addition to the technical advantages Otto Schneider is also known for competent consulting, flexible planning and guaranteed on-time delivery.


  • Early 1970’s: Shelf boards and mezzanine boards are reliably planned and delivered.
  • Late 1970’s: the steel spring is launched by us and implemented in a stable tongue-and-groove joint – still in use today, frequently and widely applied.
  • Early 1980’s: high-density chipboards increase the various possibilities of warehouse utilisation enormously. We were the first to fascinate our customers with Kucospan H.
  • 2000s: We place tested slip-resistant panels on the market. In the meantime, this requirement has become a standard, as safety comes first! The right and suitable board for the right application without putting a strain on the health of the workers.
  • 2010s: Abrasion-resistant overlays: we are the first to introduce this method to warehouse technology. Due to our own manufacturing capabilities, we became pioneers within our industry. The rapid adoption proves us right. In regard to your investment, please bear in mind the importance durability and value retention.

Worldwide radius:
We develop reliable products for other markets worldwide e.g. for the Commonwealth and other economic areas. We accompany and assist you in your project handling abroad. Experience from numerous reference projects: Dubai, Brazil, Australia, India, Israel, Russia, UK, etc.