Your industrial floor for a waterproof & hygienic mezzanine

Schneider HygienicFloor® for your cold storage

With the Schneider HygienicFloor®, we have launched an extremely high-quality product that is characterized by its durability. This floor is not only suitable for industrial wet cleaning, but is even a floor that is waterproof and can be disinfected. As a result, the Schneider HygienicFloor® is also suitable for areas where the highest hygiene standards are required, such as the food or pharmaceutical industry. Our high-quality chipboard is also a suitable option for cold storage, deep-freeze storage or warehouses with different temperature zones, as it is also insensitive to high humidity and condensation.

Your mezzanine – waterproof & easy to disinfect

Like all our chipboard, the Schneider HygienicFloor® is a heavy-duty mezzanine floor. Please feel free to contact our project team or contact us by phone – we will cut your chipboard to size and create an individual installation plan for your project. This creates the ideal conditions for smooth assembly and rapid processing on the construction site.

High quality products for logistics real estate

If you are thinking about buying or building a logistics property, you should also consider the choice of flooring. The higher quality and more flexible a warehouse is equipped, the better – especially with regard to the second and third-party capability of the property. Regardless of whether it is a parcel distribution center, distribution property or fulfillment center – a logistics center is usually used intensively. If the flooring is robust and durable, the warehouse can also be passed on to a second and third tenant, or the lease term can even be extended. So it is advisable to pay attention to good quality even with the initial investment in a standardized warehouse.

Invest right from the start

In summary, it can be said that the choice of flooring is a decision for decades and must therefore be carefully considered. Only if the expected maintenance costs are included in the planning process in addition to the investment costs, does a realistic picture of the total costs and thus the cost-effectiveness result. In the life cycle of a floor covering, on average only around 10 percent of the total costs are incurred for the purchase, while 90 percent are incurred in the maintenance. In the case of flooring, the total costs in the product life cycle basically consist of the cost blocks of the initial investment (covering and laying), the operating and maintenance costs (cleaning, care and hygiene) and the surface renovation costs (renewal of the surface or the coating).

Since the costs incurred in the course of the use and maintenance of a warehouse exceed the investment very quickly, the selection of the right industrial floor for your logistics property is crucial from the start. Maintaining and regularly restoring a coating is an important cost factor. Because the Schneider HygienicFloor® does not require a new coating, significant savings can be achieved year after year.

Schneider Hygienic Floor® in brief

◊ heavy-duty solution for industrial use

◊ durable and resistant due to extreme, permanently elastic coating

◊ hygienic and waterproof, also suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as cold stores

◊ environmentally friendly and user-friendly, awarded the Blue Angel