Shelves as a proven system in storage technology

A shelf rack is used to be able to store stored goods on closed floors in several levels one above the other. This system is therefore particularly well suited for the clear sorting of small parts in storage boxes and generally unpalletised goods. Therefore shelves are often used in the context of picking in logistics. The shelf is also suitable for picking directly into a shipping carton, the pick and pack. The storage boxes can be placed on the shelves and the goods can be removed directly from the picking aisle. Alternatively, the piece goods can also be placed directly on the shelf or the stored goods are sorted into their packaging on the shelf. In addition to good accessibility to individual articles and excellent clarity, shelf racks offer an economically advantageous option for a picking rack or, more generally, for picking storage due to their simple construction.

Why choose chipboard for your shelving?

With our chipboard your shelf becomes a high-quality and load-bearing construction, because our chipboard floors specially designed for storage technology meet the highest demands on load-bearing capacity and quality. The surface of the shelf can be used for storage purposes and the warm wood look and the pleasant feel speak for the chipboard as a shelf. Please feel free to ask us specifically about the specific load details – we will be happy to provide you with specific information. We would be happy to make you attractive price offers for large quantities.

Surface of your shelf

The shelves are available in an uncoated version. A coating is not necessary for a shelf shelf because the abrasion is less than, for example, with floor surfaces. It is advantageous that the natural warm wood look and the wood scent are retained.

Technical characteristics of the chipboard

We are happy to offer you individual dimensions for your shelving: A length range up to 5,600 mm and a width range up to 2,550 mm is possible. The thickness range varies from 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30 up to 38 mm. Other strengths are possible on request. We look forward to your inquiry!

Top Raw


Length range up to 5.600 mm
Width range up to 2.550 mm
Thickness range 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30 and 38 mm (other sizes on application)
Bulk density from 640 to 750 kg/m3 in accordance with DIN 52 361
Formaldehyde class E1 in accordance with EN 120