Antistatic Properties acc. EN 1815: 1997

Our high-quality products with discharge properties offer you a climate-independent antistatic effect.

Antistatic floorings prevent friction charges that arise from friction and ensure that any charges generated by walking are quickly distributed over an area as large as possible – to protect both people and machinery in contact with the ground.



Top Side Granite

Top Side Plain-Grey

Top Side Stone

Bottom Side White

Technical Properties

Antistatic Melamine
Load-bearing capacity P4,P6 and P6+
Thickness 38 mm
Density from 680 to 750 kg/m3
Modulus of Elasticity EN 310 from 2200 to 3300 N/mm2
Bending strength EN 310 from 14 to 17 N/mm2
Anti-slip property DIN 51130 from R9 to R11
Humidity Class for usage in dry conditions
Emission Class EN 120 E1
Fire Protection Class D s2, d0