Antistatic equipment in accordance with EN 1815: 1997

Our high-quality anti-static products offer you an anti-static effect independent of the climate.

Top Granite

Top Grey

Top Stone

Bottom ESW White


Antistatic Mezzanine SDW AS
Heavy-duty load-bearing P4,P6 and P6+
Thickness 38 mm
Spec. weight EN 323 from 680 to 750 kg/m3
E-Module EN 312 from 2200 to 3300 N/mm2
Flexural strength EN 312 from 14 to 17 N/mm2
Anti-slip DIN 51130 R9 to R11
Moisture class for general purposes in dry conditions
Formaldehyde class EN 120 E1
Fire class D s2, d0
Abrasion resistance from ★★  to ★★★★